HazMat vehicles

"Oil-alarm" trailers and vehicles were already included in the product range of Gimaex during the 1960s.

With that we were one of the first providers of that kind of "environmental protection technologies" for fire brigades, long before environmental protection came into vogue.

40 years later, environmental protection vehicles are still included in our product range. During the past decades we were able to acquire the market leadership in this field and we were also able to deliver numerous vehicles not only to German fire brigades.

Our special vehicles and equipment are used by hundreds of public fire brigades home and abroad as well as by plant fire brigades of several industrial companies.

We want to provide an overview about our production program in the field of mobile environmental protection vehicles and trailers in the category "products". If you need further information to one of the shown products, do not hesitate to contact us.

HazMat truck 3.5 tons

HazMat truck 7.5 tons

HazMat truck 11 tons

Specialist HazMat Trucks


Ro/Ro Container

Oil defense



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