Gimaex Group

8, rue Henri-Becquerel
Z.I. de Mitry-Compans- BP 215
77292 Mitry-Mory Cedex

Telephone: +33 (0) 164 67 62 61
Telefax: +33 (0) 164 67 19 29

Manager (authorised to represent):
Mr. P. Mis, Mr. G. Moreau

Register court: District Court of Mitry Mory

Explanations concerning Data Security

Due to statistical reasons we save automatically transmitted data such as IP-adress, date, time and submitted / downloaded data. Should there be a possibility on our web site to enter personal or commercial data, this may be on a user's voluntary base.

For the support of the navigation on our web sites we use a cookie in case your browser settings permit that. Of course you can use our web sites also without cookies.

In handling your personal data we consider the following laws:

- Federal Law for Data Protection
- Law for data protection of tele-service-data
- Data security regulation for telecommunication companies


We do not accept any responsibility for the contents and condition of any external links on this site. The operating companies are exclusively responsible for the contents of these websites.


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